Online training
"H2020. From proposal to project"
"H2020. Financial rules and declaration of costs. Procurement"

UAinEuratom (Euratom NCP in Ukraine)

On September 10-11, 2020 the training from the series "Towards Improvement of Project Proposals and Project Management under the HORIZON2020" was held, which was a scheduled CSA event of the UAinEuratom project (GA # 822257) funded by the European Commission under the Euratom Program (HORIZON 2020). The training mode was online again, this mode became a common sight in the current climate.

The training consisted of two parts and lasted for two days:

1. "Н2020. From proposal to project", September 10, 2020
Training speaker: Sergii Pugach, NSC KIPT.
The following issues were addressed:

General information (H2020, HORIZONEUROPE)
• Criteria for participation, types of projects and calls;
• FundingandTenderOpportunitiesPortal, H2020 Dashboard;
• Calls, documents, organization registration, LEAR.

Preparation of the project proposals
• Search for partners, proposal structure (main parts), project structure;
• Costs and budget;
• Communication and Dissemination;
• Grant agreement, consortium agreement, roles in project, project meetings, project monitoring and reporting;
• Q&A.

"Н2020. Financial rules and declaration of costs. Procurement", September 10, 2020
Speakers of the training: Sergii Pugach, Georgii Yakovlev, NSC KIPT.
The following issues were addressed:

Procurement management with reference to the features of government agencies
(Speaker: Georgii Yakovlev, NSC KIPT)
• Procurement legislation,
• Features of procurement planning and management,
• Procurement features in large organizations.

Financial rules and cost declaration
(Training speaker: Sergii Pugach, NSC KIPT)
• forms, types, budget items for the project costs, what costs are allowable;
• Budget planning, obtaining funding, ways of declaring personnel costs
• Calculations of costs for declaration, declaration of costs;
• Submission of financial statements;
• Q & A.

The online training has been attended by a total of 14 participants who are representatives of university science (Education) and institutions of the NAS of Ukraine (Research), involved in the country's nuclear industry and have the experience or intend to become part of research and innovation activities on Euratom program calls.

Fig. 1 Number of participating organizations segmented by main activities

During the training the participants were divided into several teams and were busy with training tasks related to the creation of proposals and understanding the costs of the European Commission projects.

Summing up the results of the training, the participants noted that they liked the informative materials, the logical and sequential presentation of the material combined with execution of practical tasks and the patient, thorough facilitation of the training speaker Sergii Pugach.

The trainings series "Towards Improvement of Project Proposals and Project Management under the HORIZON2020" was aimed at enchancing the level of knowledge and skills of scientists in project planning and management, in particular, projects of the framework programs of the European Commission HORIZON 2020, HORIZON EUROPE, and was oriented at researchers involved in the project, heads of departments, young scientists involved in project implementation, administrative personnel and accountants involved in project implementation and reporting on N2020 projects.

Thus, we can conclude that the main goal of the training series ""Towards Improvement of Project Proposals and Project Management under the HORIZON2020" has been achieved, as evidenced by the positive feedback from the participants of the training series.

We thank the head of the NCP " Marie Curie Actions on Skills, Training and Career Development” Lazko Halina (NU "Lviv Polytechnic") for organizational support in training delivery.

Training organizers:
Oleksandr Volobuyev, Sergii Pugach and Yuliia Kotsehub
UAinEuratom - Euratom National Contact Point in Ukraine,
National Science Center "Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine",

The training was supported by the UAinEuratom project (GA # 822257), funded by the European Commission under the Euratom Program (HORIZON 2020).

This project is funded by the HORIZON 2020 programme (The EU Research and Innovation Framework Programme) under grant agreement # 822257